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While preparing for the Nepali NAATI CCL test, choosing a provider with a proven track record of success is essential. Here’s where we come in. Nepali NAATI CCL is a leading provider of comprehensive preparation courses that have helped countless candidates achieve their goal of obtaining the perfect score on the test.


One thing that sets Nepali NAATI CCL apart from other providers is our team of experienced and qualified trainers. Each trainer is dedicated to providing personalized attention and support to every candidate. From providing detailed study materials to giving individualized feedback on practice tests, our team is committed to ensuring that our candidates are well-prepared for the NAATI CCL test.


With our guidance and support, you can rest assured that you are in good hands and on your way to achieving your goal of 5 Australian PR points. Furthermore, another advantage of choosing Nepali NAATI CCL is our comprehensive course materials. Our courses are designed to cover all aspects of the NAATI CCL test to ensure that our candidates are well-prepared for the exam.


We also provide access to practice tests and mock exams to give our candidates a realistic feel of the test and the opportunity to identify and improve on their weaknesses. Additionally, our courses are regularly updated to reflect the latest test format changes and provide our candidates with the most current and accurate information.


Also, check out our NAATI CCL Online Courses.

NAATI Online Courses
  • NepaliNAATICCL is an independent firm, whose sole purpose is to prepare students to get their desired extra 5 points for their Australian PR application.
  • With ample experience, OUR NAATI CCL experts are constantly working to make it easy and accessible for our students to understand what NAATI is, how NAATI works, and what things one must focus on to score the 5 PR points. Not only this, our NAATI Experts work hard to make every individual a success story.
  • NAATI CCL TEST, our experts have years of experience in preparing students and have successfully maintained a 100% success ratio.

Free Consultation

Limitless Learning, More Possibilities

Free Consultation

Limitless Learning, More Possibilities

Avail Our Free Demo Session

NepaliNAATICCL organizes demo sessions that will give you a brief idea about how the NAATI CCL test happens and the measures one must take to score well in tests. Test candidates can learn more about the NAATI CCL test from our free demo sessions, how one can apply for the examination, and about NAATI policies.

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Experienced NAATI CCL Expert

NepaliNAATICCL is a team of experienced individuals who constantly work hard to make an individual a success story. Moreover, we have a team of experts working in this field and gaining more experience in preparing students to pass the Nepali NAATI CCL tests with good scores.

Dedicated Tutor

We provide one-to-one coaching classes to our students where they get more time to spend with their tutor and work on their weak areas.

Online classes

It is evident to us that online courses save time, effort, and money. It provides a flexible way of learning at your own pace and place.

Unlimited Vocabs

We provide you with vocabulary that helps you understand and use the word appropriately.


We provide you with audio that you will need to translate by listening, which will result in helping you to practice translating.


Our experts have created this learning portal to provide the best learning resources to our students.


We provide video test samples to our students, which will help them learn more effectively and efficiently.

Test samples

NepaliNAATICCL provides you with test samples. These test samples give you an idea about how the NAATI CCL exam takes place, the type of questions you may face, and guidance to prepare.

User-Friendly Teaching Portal

Our premium online teaching tool delivers a user-friendly experience and is easy to use. Also, with diverse functionalities, one will enjoy learning online via our tool.

Mock Test

We provide the standard mock test to familiarize our students with the NAATI CCL Test. After some solid practice rounds, you will gain more experience and confidence to sit for the exam.

See What Our Clients Say About Us

Seeing our customers happy and satisfied with our services is always overwhelming. Nepali NAATI CCL looks forward to making more NAATI CCL aspirants happy by helping them score the desired number on the NAATI CCL test.

  • “Nepalnaaticcl.com.au encouraged me and motivated me to sit for the NAATI test. The information on their website are very clear and after going through it made my mind to sit for the NAATI CCL test and apply for Australia PR.”

    Hanish Basnet (68/90)
  • “The study material of NepaliNaaticcl.com.au is simply the best. Be it the tips or the techniques, the study materials paid off in  very well. I vouch for the nepalinaaticcl.com.au if you want to sit for NAATICCL Test.”

    Adarsha Poudyal (70/90)
  • “Had short time to prepare and many things to cover, signed up a course at Nepalinaaticcl and with great guidance from the entire team I was able to score well in the test .The best platform to prepare for NAATI.”

    Amrit Sharma (73.5/90)
    NepaliNAATICCL Student
  • “An absolute good quality contents available on their site, the practice questions and reading materials they provided helped me very much. The tutors have been very helpful and flexible scheduling timings. I scored very well in NAATI CCL.”

    Alisha Uprety (79/90)
  • “Well thought contents, budget friendly and flexible timings (learn when you like) with the tutor. They provide good tricks and very informative on NAATI CCL Test. This is surely the best platform to preparefor Nepali NAATI.”

    Meera (65/90)
  • “Very helpful and understandable contents. Easy to study from anywhere and anytime. I strongly recommend NepaliNAATICCL for the ones those are planning on sitting for NAATI test.”

    Prerana Lama (65.5/90)

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Do not hesitate to confront your queries about the NAATI CCL test. Our team of experts will help you with your problems and guide you along the way.

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    Download Free NAATI CCL Test Sample

      Download Free NAATI CCL Test Sample

        Download Free NAATI CCL Test Sample