The CCL Test is made up of two 45-point dialogues. A candidate must receive at least 29 points in each dialogue and a total score of 63 out of 90 to pass the test.

The CCL test result will be as follows:

  • PASSING STANDARD: 63 OR ABOVE (Marks out of 90)
  • MARGINAL FAILURE: between 55 and 62.5 (Marks out of 90)
  • OBVIOUS FAILURE: a score of less than 55. (Marks out of 90)

NOTE: When a candidate receives a score of 23 out of 45 in Dialogue 1, 41 out of 45 in Dialogue 2, and an Overall Score of 64 out of 90, the outcome is a CLEAR FAIL since the candidate did not obtain the required score in Dialogue 1. (i.e. 29).

When can we get the test result and how long it is valid?

Within 4-6 weeks of the test date, results are given via email, and they are valid for three years from the date of issue.

Can we seek for review clear fail results?

Due to the statistical improbability of the result being overturned, clear fail results cannot seek a review of their test.

When can we take part in CCL Test?

NAATI CCL tests are delivered online, Monday to Friday. Candidates from all around the world can take CCL tests because they are conducted online. All testing is conducted in Canberra, Australian time.

What is the equipment required for the NAATI CCL TEST?

In Order to access the NAATI CCL test, a candidate will need to have the following suitable devices:

  • Laptop or Computer
  • Functioning microphone and webcam
  • Internet connection with 1.5Mbit/s upload, 10Mbit/s download speed, ping under 25ms.
  • The latest version of the Google Chrome web browser should be installed.
  • Your phone will be used as a second camera to record your environment. You’ll need to download the ProctorExam application (34MB) which is compatible with any Android 4.1 or higher and iOS (Apple) 10.0 or higher.

Note: Huawei P30, Google Pixel 3, Sony Xperia, iPhone 6, and OnePlus are not compatible.

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Download Free NAATI CCL Test Sample

    Download Free NAATI CCL Test Sample

      Download Free NAATI CCL Test Sample