How to get 5 Australian PR Points with NAATI CCL?

How to get 5 Australian PR Points with NAATI CCL

Are you eager to start a new chapter of your life in Australia? If you seek information about how to get 5 Australian PR points with NAATI CCL certification, you have landed on the right page.

Furthermore, you must score at least 60 points on the PR points test to acquire PR for Australia, and one of the most efficient ways to earn 5 Australian PR points is through NAATI CCL Certification. 

By the end of this blog post, you will understand how NAATI CCL Certification can help you earn those crucial points, how difficult NAATI CCL is, and how you can boost your chances of obtaining an Australian Permanent Residency. Let’s go.

Understanding the Australian PR Points System

The Australian Permanent Residency (PR) Points System is crucial in determining an individual’s eligibility for Australian permanent residency. It is a scoring mechanism that assesses various factors of an applicant. Hence, if you understand how this points system works, navigating your journey toward permanent residency will be easier.

For starters, the PR Points System assigns points to applicants based on specific criteria, including age, English language proficiency, education, work experience, and other relevant factors. These points collectively determine the applicant’s total score, ultimately determining their Australian PR eligibility.

Furthermore, the minimum points requirement for Australian PR eligibility is 60 points. However, due to heavy competition in the system, aiming for a higher score significantly increases the chances of securing an invitation to apply for PR.

Moreover, understanding the PR Points System is vital for individuals trying to migrate to Australia, as it allows them to evaluate their eligibility and make informed decisions about their strategies. Also, you can identify areas you need improvement by assessing your profile against the points criteria.

What Are The Factors Affecting Australian PR Points?

What Are The Factors Affecting Australian PR Points

Understanding the factors affecting Australian PR points is crucial for individuals trying to migrate to Australia and to calculate their potential PR points accurately. Let’s explore more on that.

1. Age

Age plays a very vital role in the PR points system. Applicants between the ages of 25 and 32 receive the maximum points. However, as the age increases, the points gradually decrease.

Also, the reason for that is the Australian workforce and society find younger applicants more desirable as they have a longer potential contribution to the Australian workforce and community.

2. English Language Proficiency

Another thing that holds a high value in Australia is English language proficiency. Standardized tests such as IELTS or PTE determine the points awarded for language proficiency. 

Moreover, proper English language skills are essential for effective communication and successful employment opportunities. Hence, higher language scores lead to more points.

3. Education and Qualifications

The level of education and qualifications an applicant acquires impact the points allocation directly. Higher qualifications, such as bachelor’s, master’s, or Ph.D. degrees, yield more points.

Additionally, completing studies in specific fields, especially in high-demand areas, can provide additional points, as it reflects the value placed on relevant skills and knowledge.

4. Skilled Employment Experience

Also, work experience in a nominated occupation significantly affects Australian PR points. The number of years of professional employment experience influences the points you get. 

The point system allocates more points if you have a longer work experience, as it showcases your expertise and contribution.

5. State or Territory Nomination

Lastly, the Australian states and territories have their own nomination programs to attract skilled migrants to address specific regional needs. Hence, if you secure a nomination from a state or territory government, it can significantly boost your PR points. 

You get a nomination because of your commitment to residing and contributing to a specific region.

How to get 5 Australian PR Points with NAATI CCL Certification?

How to get 5 Australian PR Points with NAATI CCL Certification

NAATI offers a certification program for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI) for individuals looking to work as translators or interpreters in Australia. However, having a Credential Community Language (CCL) qualification can also contribute to earning points for your Australian Permanent Residency (PR) application. Details about booking and registration for the NAATI CCL exam are also vital.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to get 5 Australian PR points with NAATI CCL certification:

1. Fulfill the eligibility requirements

To be eligible, you must meet NAATI’s criteria, which include being an Australian citizen, permanent resident, or holding a valid visa allowing you to study or work in Australia. Additionally, you must have completed at least three years of secondary education in the language you intend to certify.

2. Complete the NAATI CCL test

The next step is to pass the NAATI CCL test in your chosen language. This comprehensive examination evaluates your translation and interpreting skills and determines whether you pass or fail the NAATI CCL exam.

Furthermore, if you want to clear the NAATI CCL test with less effort, you can check out tips to prepare yourself before the NAATI CCL test day.

3. Lodge your application 

Once you successfully pass the NAATI CCL test and meet the eligibility criteria, you can proceed to submit your application to NAATI. Submitting documents to NAATI involves completing the necessary paperwork and paying the required fees. 

Also, following the approval of your application, you will be granted the NAATI CCL certification.

4. Include the CCL certification in your PR application

When submitting your PR application, include your NAATI CCL certification to claim 5 points for language proficiency. This certification proves your language competence and can significantly enhance your chances of Permanent Residency.

5. Leverage your language skills

In addition to the 5 points you gain through NAATI CCL certification, having strong language skills can provide additional benefits for your PR application. Being proficient in a community language can open doors to job opportunities and increase your overall contribution to Australian society, making you an important resident.

How Can NepalNAATICCL Help You Earn 5 Points for Australian PR

NepalNAATICCL is a trusted and reliable platform assisting individuals in earning five valuable points for their Australian Permanent Residency (PR) application through NAATI CCL certification. With experienced experts, premium resources, and personalized guidance, NepalNAATICCL is crucial in enhancing your chances of clearing the NAATI CCL exam.

Furthermore, one of the key features of NepalNAATICCL’s services is expert NAATI CCL preparation. We offer specialized programs designed explicitly for NAATI CCL aspirants. Through these programs, you will receive thorough training and guidance to ensure you are well-prepared for the NAATI CCL test. 

Also, to support your NAATI CCL preparation, NepalNAATICCL provides a wide range of study materials. These include NAATI CCL practice materials, free NAATI CCL sample questions, and NAATI CCL mock tests to familiarize you with the NAATI CCL test format.

Moreover, the experts at NepalNAATICCL possess extensive experience and knowledge of the NAATI CCL requirements and evaluation criteria. They will provide insights, strategies, and feedback to help you achieve a high score and answer your question about how to get 5 Australian PR points with NAATI CCL certification.


In conclusion, you can achieve your PR goals through NAATI CCL certification by following the steps outlined in this guide. By meeting the eligibility criteria, passing the NAATI CCL test, and including your certification in your PR application, you demonstrate commitment to becoming a valuable member of the Australian community.

Moreover, the expertise and resources provided by NAATI and other reputable platforms, such as NepalNAATICCL, can significantly improve your preparation journey and clear your confusion on how to get 5 Australian PR points with NAATI CCL certification.

Happy Learning!!


Q1. How many points can I earn through NAATI CCL Certification?

By obtaining NAATI CCL Certification, you can earn 5 points towards your Australian PR application. These points are allocated under the language proficiency category, which is a significant factor in the PR points system. Also, earning 5 points can boost your overall score and increase your chances of securing permanent residency.

Q2. Is NAATI CCL Certification mandatory for Australian PR?

While NAATI CCL Certification is not mandatory for Australian PR, it can provide a competitive advantage in the application process. The certification demonstrates your language skills and enhances your overall PR points. It is particularly beneficial for individuals who wish to highlight their proficiency in languages other than English, as it showcases their ability to communicate effectively.

Q3. Can I choose any language for NAATI CCL Certification?

NAATI CCL Certification is available for various language pairs, including Nepali-English. However, it’s important to note that the choice of language combinations may vary based on the demand and availability of NAATI CCL test sessions.

Q4: How can I prepare for the NAATI CCL test?

You must be prepared to perform well in the NAATI CCL test. Hence, consider enrolling in preparation programs offered by NepalNAATICCL, which provide comprehensive training, practice materials, and guidance from experienced instructors. Additionally, you can practice translation and interpreting exercises, familiarize yourself with the test format, and seek feedback on your performance.


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