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naati ccl for australian pr

Do I need NAATI CCL for Australian PR? This question may arise in your mind.

Yes, you need it. You must grab as many points as possible to get invited for the PR. 

As NAATI CCL Test is online, and you can take the test from your own home, it will be easy 5 points for you.

Getting closer to your Australian PR dream can create pressure on you, your mind comes up with different sorts of questions, making you wonder  “Am I doing this in the right way or not?”

If you’re counting your EOI points and questioning if you’ll make it to the list this time, let me suggest one thing. Don’t just hang by a thread, barely making it through is not a great idea. Please don’t risk it all at the last moment.

You have ways you can increase your points. And the easiest way you can do so is by clearing a NAATI CCL Test. You’ll get 5 bonus Australian PR points for it. So NAATI CCL for Australian PR point is very important.

NAATI CCL Test is a test of your language interpretation ability. It examines how well you can speak and comprehend English and your LOTE(Language Other Than English) at a community level. It’s that simple.

It’s that simple.
But not really.
You first have to understand the test format and how everything takes place.

NAATI CCL Test Format

In the NAATI CCL Test, you have to interpret two dialogues from English to your LOTE and vice-versa. Each discussion is divided into segments that are half in English and half in your LOTE.

These dialogues are similar to the daily conversations that take place in Australian society.
It’s easy, right? We talk and make conversations with people all the time.
But how well do you speak in your native language? That’s the real question for you, cause having lived in Australia, you’ve probably adapted to speaking English in casual conversations too.

The lesson to learn here is that, not only English, your understanding and speaking habit in your native language is equally essential for the NAATI CCL Test.

NAATI CCL marking Criteria

The dialogues mentioned earlier are worth 45 marks each, and to pass the test, you have to score at least 29 marks in each of them and have an overall score of 63 or more.
Your language abilities are evaluated based on the following two factors:
Language Quality: How competent you are at both English and your LOTE
Language Register: How well you interpret the dialogues with the necessary formality

Upon making certain errors, you could lose your points.

You can’t afford to lose the point that’s not even yours yet, can you?

So, you have to beware of the following errors while interpreting:

  • Accuracy (correctness of information)
  • Distortions (misrepresentation of information)
  • Omissions (removal of information)
  • Insertions (addition of information)

Area to focus

Okay, we’ve learned the basics of the NAATI CCL Test. Now, let’s move on to learning the correct way to tackle the test, or may I say the tips and strategies.

At this point, you should know that vocabularies are a crucial part of the test.

And also, the listening and speaking habit is the key
feature one should have, to engage better in conversation, and in our case, to interpret better.

So, you have to learn as many words as you can, whether in English or your LOTE. Learn from reading newspapers, books, or even children’s books.

Yes, children’s books are excellent sources of words and meanings that we might not be aware of. They contain the names and pictures of animals, plants, fruits, and veggies that we see all the time but can’t recall their names.

So, take time to engage with children and leverage it to their books. It sounds like a complete manipulation technique when I put it this way, but trust me, it’s a good source of knowledge, a children’s book.

Okay, now, to better your listening and speaking habits, you have to make conversations with people, listen, and talk to them.
And here’s a challenge for you.

Don’t mix up words from different languages while speaking. Talk in one language at a time, and while you’re at it, if you don’t know or remember certain words, note them down and learn them.

You know, these words might come up in the NAATI CCL Test because the test dialogues contain the daily conversations that occur in Australian society.

You can practice these things at home, but to be familiar with the test formats and to ace the test, you have to get the right materials and practice with them.

Apply for NAATI CCL Test

Now that you know all these things, you’re probably ready to apply for the CCL Test or plan to do so soon.So, here’s how you apply for the NAATI CCL Test: 

  1. Create an Account– Create your account in and register yourself with your details.
  2. Submit Documents – Attach two documents, i.e., a color photograph and an id proof for verification, and submit them.
  3. Confirm Email – After the submission, you will receive a confirmation email from NAATI regarding your registration.
  4. Select a test date– After you receive the confirmation mail, you will be asked to select NAATI CCL TEST “Date Venue and Time” from “manage my tests” in your myNAATI Account. 
  5. Payment– After you’ve chosen a preferred date, you need to make the payment for the NAATI TEST ASSESSMENT.

Test Confirmation – Once you’ve made the payment, you will now be able to sit for the NAATI CCL TEST ASSESSMENT and score more than 5 points for your Australian PR.

Requirements for online MAATI CCL Test

We’re all aware of the present times, how we should maintain social distancing. So, the NAATI CCL Tests are conducted online.

But before applying for the test online, you should know about the equipment requirements, guidelines, and the procedure for sitting on the test. Overall, you can learn about the new test formats for the NAATI CCL Test and proceed to apply.

Get proper guidance and counseling along with coaching

You’ve learned to practice at home, but with the help from the coaches, you will be able to score better.

It’s always best to look for guidance from experts so that you don’t miss out on any chances to get those 5 Australian PR points.

Here at NepaliNAATICCL, you’ll get the best of both worlds: coaching with proper guidance and counseling. You may get stuck at times, wondering what step you should take next, but you can turn to our coaches to get the direction.

Under the supervision of our coaches, you’ll be able to get all the necessary tips and tricks to ace the test.

You’ll get the proper resources and materials for the preparation.
Enrolling in our classes will make a significant impact on your test performance.

Where can you get the NAATI CCL Preparation Course?

If you are a Nepali Speaker or want to choose Nepali as the LOTE then you can contact us. We provide you the best Nepali NAATI Preparation Courses. Our course contains recent exam dialogues, vocabularies, test samples, and mock tests.

If you want to choose LOTE other than Nepali, then I recommend you take CCLHUB. They provide resources for more than 20 languages so you can contact them anytime.

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Download Free NAATI CCL Test Sample

    Download Free NAATI CCL Test Sample

      Download Free NAATI CCL Test Sample