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NAATI CCL Test is the test of your native language translation and interpretation ability at a community level. You need to choose the LOTEs from available NAATI CCL Language and start translating and interpreting.

So, the question may arise how do translation and interpretation work?

Well, translation means converting the language from one to the other which can be in written format. So basically for the NAATI CCL test, you will be giving an interpretation test.

And interpretation means how you present the information you’ve understood from hearing or reading something, in this test, by hearing, and of course, without deviating from the actual meaning.

What is LOTE?

At this point, the word LOTE may be bothering you a bit if you are new to the NAATI CCL world. And if you’re well aware of it, then a gentle reminder won’t harm you.

The term LOTE is an acronym, not a word, and no, I was not shouting at you. It stands for Language Other Than English.

It makes sense now, doesn’t it? And it seems to need no further explanation either.

But let me break it down for you.

NAATI has a predefined list of languages available that you can appear in the NAATI CCL Test for. And these are Languages Other Than English, cause this test is to check how well a person with a different mother tongue can understand the conversations in Australian society, which is in English.

Choosing the right LOTE for your NAATI CCL Test

Are you in a dilemma about choosing the right LOTE from the NAATI CCL languages?

Is being multilingual only making you more confused?

Of course, it’s a privilege to have multiple options to choose from as your LOTE, but when you feel like a jack of all trades, it can only put unnecessary pressure on you.

What you should do is evaluate your abilities at the NAATI CCL languages, whether it’s speaking or reading. You must be better at one than the other, right?

So, find out which language out of the languages available seems more familiar to you and how well you are in it. One way to do this is by reading articles, newspapers, or any form of writings in that language and interpreting it in English, and just check your confidence and fluency with the word interpretation.

For example, if you’re confused about choosing between Hindi and Punjabi, what you can do is go through the CCL Punjabi material and CCL Hindi material, and read the sample dialogues out loud for both the NAATI CCL languages. Then check if you can translate accurately.

Look at the sample NAATI CCL vocabulary and decide which one you’d be better at. The most important thing is being aware of your understanding and capabilities of the languages.

The next thing that you can do is, take the sample test and judge yourself on your speaking/translating ability. Don’t be too harsh of a critic, though.

It would be great if you can get your hands on the NAATI sample dialogues and proceed to perform as in the actual test. Avail of our NAATI test samples.

Play the dialogue, & pause it at the end of each segment, and then translate it into the respective NAATI CCL language.

You can record yourself so that you can evaluate yourself later, cause while you’re giving the test, even if it’s a NAATI exam sample, you may be under the pressure of doing things the right way.

LOTEs assigned by NAATI

There are a limited number of languages available under the LOTEs (Languages Other Than English) by NAATI. These numbers can vary with time, as NAATI adds new ones or deducts to and from the list depending on the candidates wanting to give the test. At the time of writing this article, the following LOTEs are available for NAATI:



















































Take your time to choose the right LOTE

In my opinion, you should take some time to decide your language. Choosing your LOTE from the languages available is the first step in the NAATI CCL Test preparation. All of the following steps depend upon the LOTE of your choice, whether it’s the practice materials or taking classes.

Your NAATI CCL Test preparation revolves around your LOTE, to be concise.

So, take a look around, observe your friends and their languages, find out who can help you with the words.

And most of all, pay attention to yourself on how well you know about a particular NAATI CCL language out of the languages available if you’ll be able to take on a new challenge of learning a language other than your mother tongue in depth.

You can feel free to contact us if you’re facing such a dilemma, and there seems to be no way out. Our experts will be more than happy to guide and counsel you.

And if you’re looking forward to preparing for the NAATI CCL Test, then you can enroll in one of our classes.

You can expect to get the best in all the aspects, whether it’s the NAATI CCL practice materials, or the environment, or the NAATI CCL tutorial. You will not be disappointed.

Avail our free demo sessions

If you’re wondering how the classes take place, or skeptical, in general, you can join our free Demo classes for your respective NAATI CCL languages. You can see it for yourselves, how our experts teach the students. Get yourself connected with us, join us now.

And yes, as I said, it’s free. So, you don’t have anything to lose. Book it now, get the experience.

You’ll see in no time that it’s not just talking, we let our works and accomplishments make the sound.

You can also get the preparation materials at a reasonable price. You’ll get the NAATI exam sample, NAATI CCL vocabulary, audiobooks, and many more in this preparation kit.

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Download Free NAATI CCL Test Sample

    Download Free NAATI CCL Test Sample

      Download Free NAATI CCL Test Sample