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The reason behind writing with this article is to put forward my approach behind preparing for my NAATI Community Credentialed Language (CCL) test. That along with my intent to illuminate some comprehensions from the viewpoint of a former Nepali NAATI CCL test candidate.

I am well assured that all the new candidates applying for the Nepali NAATI CCL test will find this to be beneficial for their self-preparation of the test. For that matter, I have even disclosed some strategies which I incorporated into my curriculum that helped me pass the CCL test in my first attempt.

Before I begin, might I add, I am a credential holder of the Nepali NAATI CCL test. My preference of the Language Other than English (LOTE) for my CCL test was the Nepali language. However, these tips that I will discuss here are applicable for any other LOTEs as well.

When I was preparing for my Nepali CCL test, I was oblivious to the NAATI CCL testing format. I lacked any sort of guidance and preparation materials as for very limited examples were portrayed over the internet.

The predicament was to whether to invest in the coaching classes or not. After researching some few preparation materials I decided the best option for me would be to enroll in one of the online classes.

For that matter I choose the NepaliNaatiCCL for my Nepali NAATI CCL test.

NepaliNaatiCCL is an e-learning portal for the NAATI CCL test that provides you the milieu for effective learning along with the relevancy of their study resources which comes on par with the actual guidelines for the assessment test.

I browsed through their company’s website and what actually intrigued and attracted me to select this online coaching portal was the self preparatory package that they had to offer.

The self preparatory package matched very well with my expectations for the reasons to provide me with both necessary study materials along with being instructive with my own pace for the preparation.

At this point you might think I am bragging here about the coaching classes but it is necessary to understand the difference such classes bring in the measure of your preparation.

I can as well assure you that the NepaliNaatiCCL package will be the only requirement that you need to actually crack the Nepali CCL test. With their package, you will prepare yourself for the Nepali CCL test along with enjoying the language learning experience.

The curriculum of these coaching classes are oriented towards preparing the students to develop confidence with the past test samples and regular assessments. Furthermore, the pre-recorded videos in the package instruct the students about the composition regarding the NAATI test.

The particular sections in this package which I believe is of utmost importance to comprehend if you wish to achieve a rather better score is building onto your vocabulary. I want to specifically discuss this section in much detail here in this article.

Learning Vocabulary for Nepali NAATI CCL Test

I wouldn’t be wrong to say vocabulary will be a deciding factor in the out-turn of your assessment test.

You need to build upon your lexical resources in order to interpret both the speaker’s dialogues in either ways, that is English language to LOTE and vice-versa. You will be expected to deliver the exact meaning with accuracy and cover as many words as possible.

In that context, the structured courses provided to you by the NepaliNaatiCCL classes have categorized vocabularies to prepare you in the various settings for your interpreting competency. These vocabularies will cover you in every domain of the NAATI assessment test.

But the point isn’t only to understand these terms but to actually remember them as well. Should I recommend a method as to how I practiced my English to Nepali vocabulary, then it was through integrating the Gold List method into my curriculum.

The Goldlist method is a full-proof method practiced by many polyglots in memorising the vocabulary of a foreign language. I came across this method while browsing the internet which then I immediately incorporated into the vocabulary section of my NAATI CCL self preparation course.

The traditional way of memorizing words from the glossaries didn’t do me well as I kept forgetting the terminologies after a few days. That in fact led me to inefficient learning hence, consuming more time and effort out of me.

On the other hand, the Goldlist method is a simple and effective way of understanding as well as memorising the vocabulary in a much natural and easy way. Had you known about this method earlier then I am sure you would have applied this method into your vocab learning as well.

But no worries as I intend to instruct you through this article as to how you can start using this method to prepare for your NAATI CCL test. The requirement of the Goldlist method is being consistent with 30 minutes each day, following a strict sequence to remember the words once and for all.

The result of the Goldlist method is learning vocabulary in long-term memory and the best part is that it doesn’t cost you any money. All you require is just a notebook.

Some people may be sceptical of this method at the beginning but I have tried the gold list method and I encourage you to do so as well. Try it for yourself. With perseverance, you will have completed the vocabulary section of the Nepali NAATI CCL preparation in the most efficient manner.

I won’t be going around every single detail on the gold listing method. That would drift the content of this article beyond its intentions. But a lot of explanatory articles are published on this method. Excavate such articles on the internet if you want to learn its applications in much detail.

But for this article, our concern remains with the vocabulary for the CCL assessment test. From this perspective, we commence listing 20 words as a first headlist on Day 1 of using this method.

For this, take the use of vocabularies provided through the online coaching classes and select 20 words to write in down onto your notebook. We will categorize these words under section A. No need to memorize these words and that just does it for your Day 1.

Create a new headlist every day and list it under section A of each new double-page spread. You don’t need to come across any of these words for the subsequent two weeks once you note it down.

Why 2 weeks? The scientific reasoning behind this is because your short-term memory stores information for that long. If you remember the expressions afterwards, you can be sure that they moved to long-term memory.

After the first two weeks, that is on the Day 15, come back to the very first headlist and start “distilling.” Go through the words and translate the English term to the LOTE term or vice-versa. Any way that suits you. Believe it or not, you’ll find out that you have remembered about 30% of the words (about 6 out of 20).

These words are stuck onto your long term memory without even having to memorize any of the words. The 6 terms that you subconsciously remember are left just like that. Don’t copy them anywhere or come back to them anymore. They stay in section A.

Copy the remaining 14 words in the page after section A, and label those words into section B. That’s the first distillation.

The process of distillation continues by filtering the non-memorized words from section A to section B then to section C and so on after an interval of 2 weeks in between each distillation.

So you get the gist. Every day you return to older lists systematically, distill them after at least two weeks, and create a headlist with 20 new words at the same time.

This way you will remember 30% of the words from the section before it every single day. By the fourth distillation you will have memorized all the words in a particular headlist by remembering 30% of the words in each distillation.

Similarly, rinse and repeat every day to remember all the words from the healists without any need to memorize any of the vocabularies. These words subconsciously get into your memory and stick with you for a long term.

The best perquisite of the Gold list method is that it is very flexible. It can gel up very well with your schedule in the way that best suits you.

The inclusion of this method into my curriculum each day for 30 minutes, before I sat for my assessment test proved to be very helpful to obtain my credentials.

Gold listing method combined with the intensive preparation courses in the self preparation package helped to systematize my learning behavior and develop the habit to be well organized. As a result I was able to achieve the NAATI CCL credential. This further goes on to prove how working smarter can make a huge difference in your NAATI CCL Test.

About NepaliNAATICCL

NepaliNAATICCL is a pioneer online NAATI CCL coaching portal where we have a group of professionals who guide and prepare you to sit for Nepali NAATI CCL (Community Credentialed Language) test after passing which you get 5 bonus points, for your Australian PR.

NAATI CCL is an online testing portal for Community Credentialed language where one language is English and other LOTE (Language Other Than English), any language of your preference.

NepaliNAATICCL is currently providing coaching class for Nepali NAATI CCL Test. But if you want to get enrolled in other LOTEs courses then visit CCLHUB

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