NAATI CCL for Nepali Applicants

After months of halt, due to the novel coronavirus, the Australian government has recommenced welcoming immigration visas from foreign applicants. So, today we will discuss NAATI CCL for Nepali Applicants.

With the few adjustments to the current situation after the pandemic, life seems to get back onto the track to adopt onto the new normalcy. The congestion of Nepalese people travelling to a foreign country for work or study purposes has recommenced after the recent minimization of the infected populace from the virus.

Speaking of the Nepalese population, Nepal as a country is heavily dependent on remittance inflows. The data accrued in 2019 accounts for 26.52 per cent contribution of remittance from Nepali migrant workers in the national GDP.

From that perspective, it is comprehensible that a large percentage of the nations’ population is staying overseas to look out for opportunities for getting that prosperous life. Unemployment has been one of the major reasons for driving a lot of those Nepali citizens away from the country.

Nepalese diaspora in Australia

The Commonwealth of Australia is among the popular destination for people to migrate to and for that matter, it observes a substantial emigration from Nepal as well. Australia appears rather promising in terms of providing better facilities to the inhabitants.

The number of Non-Residential Nepali (NRNs) in Australia as of 2019 accounts for 117,870. The trait of Nepalese people living in Australia is increasing over the years as can be seen from the following chart.

Nepalese diaspora in Australia

Nevertheless, Australia welcomes immigrants for a provisional or permanent residency (PR) program. Under this program, the Australian government accolades competent manpower under a point-based system. Upon fulfilling the minimum points requirement, Australian immigrants can apply for a permanent residency in Australia.

In your endeavour for earning an Australian PR, the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI) can contribute 5 CCL points to fulfil the Australian dream. Candidates are rewarded with the 5 PR points upon clearing the Community Credentialed Language (CCL) test.

NAATI introduced the CCL assessment test for the immigrants so as to assess the competency of their linguistic knowledge for being able to interpret dialogues from the English language to Language Other Than English (LOTE) and vice versa.

In that context, candidates appearing the Nepali NAATI CCL test should be bilingually competent in the English language and the Nepali language to pass the CCL test.

The Nepali Language

At the outset, 123 languages are acknowledged as the mother tongue language in Nepal. Among them, the majority of 44.6% of the population (2011) recognize Nepali as their first language.

The Indo-Aryan derived language was formerly known as Khaskura then Gorkhali. The Nepali dialect is written in the Devanagari script.

The language is prominently administered as the official language in Nepal. Besides Nepal, the data collected in 2011 registers 242,000 people from Bhutan (35% of the total population) and 2,926,168 people from the land of Sikkim and West Bengal in India (0.25% of the total population) able to communicate in the Nepali Language.

Points to keep in mind before taking the CCL exam

At this point in the blog, I have tried illuminating on a few points that the candidates require to comprehend before appearing in the NAATI CCL Test. These claims that I make are molded around practices for the applicants of the CCL test to help them clear the test effectively.

In some candidates, I have observed there is this misconception that the CCL is the testing for the interpretation of mainly the English language. They become more anxious regarding LOTE interpretation and focusses on polishing the LOTE, trifling the English Language.

Might I clear this misconception in candidates that the CCL test is assessed for the interpretation in both the direction, so do not sideline any of the languages.

Adding to that, some of you might think because the LOTE is your native language we have proficiency in the language. Such presumption spawns negligence among the candidates. Candidates tend to take the test less seriously. As a consequence, failure is imminent.

Test preparation is obviously crucial but you require study materials and curriculums for efficient learning. Consistent practicing from test samples that follow the latest CCL test formats and syllabus will likely help you to obtain a higher score in the CCL test. I suggest you to excavate the internet to search for courses or classes to guide you through the preparation for the assessment test.

For many students, the predicament lies whether to spend a few bucks on such courses, coaching classes, and such or search for any other resources to prepare for the test. Without proper study materials, it is going to become very difficult to crack the CCL test. So in my opinion it is better to invest in some online coaching classes and start your preparation as early as you can. The earlier you begin your practice, the more beneficial it will prove to your actual exam.

Once you have your preparatory materials, you need to dedicate your undiverted focus to preparing yourself for the assessment test. Put your major focus on building your lexical resources along with improving your note-taking skills. Start practicing each day allotting a certain time to prepare yourself either through the coaching classes or on your own.

Make a system that suits you the best and remember to follow an obstinate schedule. Do plenty of practice sets. With a devotion to your practice of the test samples and appearing in the mock tests, you will gain the self-esteem that you require to excel in the exam.

Another common error most of the students make is that they memorize the contents in the curriculum by heart and do not integrate it into practice. As a result, it causes a discrepancy between the content and intent of the interpretation. That is one of the reasons for obtaining a lower score in the test. Remember practicing is the key to clear the NAATI CCL Test.

CCL Test Preparation Courses

NepaliNAATICCL has brought you the right courses for the Nepali CCL test preparation. Our intensive course covers you in all of the above grounds mentioned in this article. These courses consist of the practice materials such as the sets of vocabularies, dialogues with answers, and pre-recorded classes. And the goal is to prepare you with less effort and in a short period.

We can vouch for our amazing team of experts, who put in deliberate effort to prepare you in every way to help you obtain the NAATI CCL credentials for fulfilling your dream of Australian PR.

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Download Free NAATI CCL Test Sample

    Download Free NAATI CCL Test Sample

      Download Free NAATI CCL Test Sample