Learn some Nepali NAATI Vocabulary related to Visa and Immigration

Learning Vocabulary is most essential if you are appearing in the NAATI CCL Test. Nepali NAATI CCL Vocabulary is an essential section of the Nepali CCL test. Use of proper vocab in the correct preface is very crucial for achieving that NAATI CCL credential.

In this article, for your convenience, we have categorized 50+ common vocabularies encountered in the context of Visa and Immigrations.

These vocabs will cover you with most of the terms in the Immigration / Settlement domain.

Understand the scenario of the setting for the conversation. These conversations will take place in between an English speaker and a Nepali speaker.

Let us assume the scenario takes place in an Australian Immigration department between an Australian immigrant officer and a Nepali immigrant in Australia.

Your task will be to interpret the conversation of each of these speakers in the language of the other speaker. Note that the conversation will alternate between the two languages back and forth.

At such times, your lexical resources come up as very important to help you understand and interpret the conversation in the correct meaning.

Learn the following NAATI CCL vocabulary presented to you below, to help you prepare for the Nepali NAATI CCL exam.

You can find the list below as per their categories to learn NAATI CCL vocabulary:

Immigration / Settlement

Agent मध्यस्थ
Ambassador राजदूत, दूत
Application निेवेदन / आवेदन
Assess मुल्याङ्कन
Assimilate into society (integrate with society): समाजमा आत्मसात गर्नु
 Asylum seeker शरण खोज्ने व्यक्ति
Bridging visa ब्रिजिङ प्रवेशाज्ञा
Citizenship नागरिकता
Condition अवस्था
Consul वाणिज्य दूत
Consulate वाणिज्य दूतावास
Consul general महा-वाणिज्यदूत
Consulate general महा-वाणिज्य दूतावास
Court अदालत
Custody हिरासत
Customs भन्सार
Department of Immigration and Border Protection अध्यागमन तथा सीमा संरक्षण विभाग
Deport (deportation; removal) निर्वासन, देशनिकाला गर्नु
Detention centre थुनुवा केन्द्र, हिरासत केन्द्र
Document कागजात, कागजपत्र
Dual citizenship दोहोरो नागरिकता
Duplicate प्रतिलिपी, नक्कली
Embassy दूतावास
Evidence of identity पहिचानको प्रमाण
Expression of Interest (EOI) ईच्छाको अभिव्यक्ति
Fake/forged जाली
Family reunion पारिवारिक पुनर्मिलन
Green card ग्रीन कार्ड
Humanitarian मानविय
Illegal अवैध , गैरकानुनी
Illegal immigration अवैध अध्यागमन / गैरकानूनी अध्यागमन
Immigrants आप्रवासी
Immigration अध्यागमन
Interview अन्तर्वार्ता
Lawyer वकिल
Legal कानुनी
Nationality राष्ट्रियता
Offshore processing समुन्द्र छेउबाट प्रक्रिया गर्ने
Partner Immigration साझेदार अध्यागमन
Passport राहदानी
Permanent residence स्थायी आवास
Persecution उत्पीडन / सताउनु / सास्ती दिनु / सतावट / दुख दिने काम
Process प्रक्रिया
Refugee शरणार्थी
Refugee camp शरणार्थी  शिविर
Refugee Center आश्रय केन्द्र
Requirements आवश्यकता
Shelter आश्रय
Skilled migration सीपयुक्त प्रवास
Sponsorship प्रायोजन
Testimony गवाही
Visa overstay (overstay one’s visa) प्रवेशाज्ञाको अवधि नाँघेको
Visa rejection (have one’s visa rejected) प्रवेशाज्ञा अस्वीकृत
Witness साक्षी
Working holiday काम गर्ने बिदा

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    Download Free NAATI CCL Test Sample

      Download Free NAATI CCL Test Sample