NepaliNaatiCCL for Nepali Immigrants in Australia

NepaliNaatiCCL is an Australian based online learning portal that provides training and study materials to the candidates aspiring to attain the Nepali NAATI CCL credential through an online platform.

Before we continue to learn more about the NAATI CCL online coaching classes, to those who are clueless about the NAATI CCL, let me lay out, in brief, an introduction to the NAATI program for them.

National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI) is the accredited certifying authority that certifies the translating and interpreting competencies in Australia.

NAATI is the responsible organization to maintain and promote high professional standards for the Translating and Interpreting industries. NAATI is the sole authority responsible for granting certification to professionals working in Australia as translators and interpreters.

The NAATI CCL program invites aspiring candidates for an online language ability assessment test. The test assesses the verbal dialogue interpreting the competency of the candidates at the community level.

Based on the assessment test, you will gain the NAATI accreditation upon passing the exam. This credential, in turn, can be claimed for five bonus points under CCL points.

Australian immigrants who wish to lodge five additional points to their PR table should be interested in this NAATI’s Credentialed Community Language (CCL) program.

Nepali NAATI CCL Test

Based upon the demography of the immigrants in Australia, NAATI has the provision for appearing in a CCL test from a list of LOTEs to select from.

LOTE or Language Other Than English, in our case, is the Nepali Language. LOTE signifies the meaning that you will be interpreting the conversation back and forth in both directions between the English Language and the language other than English, which is the Nepali Language in our case.

In the test format, an individual will be taking the role of an interpreter to interpret dialogue from English to Nepali Language and vice-versa.

You will have completed the assessment within 20 minutes sitting. Within this time, you are examined to interpret Two Dialogue involving different scenarios. Each dialogue would further be divided into segments. There would be about 8-12 such segments not consisting of more than 35 words each.

Every segment will alternate between the English language and the Nepali language. One segment will be played at a time. Our task will be to interpret the same segment in the other language.

The NAATI CCL test is designed to analyze an individual’s understanding of both languages. The result of the assessment test becomes evidence of the candidate’s competency to use both English and Nepali languages and the formality with which he/she transfers the meaning.

Nepali NAATI CCL Coaching Class

Those candidates appearing in the Nepali Language NAATI CCL test can be enrolled for the coaching classes under Nepali NAATI CCL.

I want to address here that NAATI CCL preparation classes are not obligated to be undertaken by the candidates before appearing for the exam. However, those who want to ace the exam on their first attempt are highly encouraged to get enrolled in this course.

Nepali NAATI CCL provides the best-structured learning environment for the students appearing in the CCL exam. Apart from the well-researched study materials provided to you through these classes, you also have the benefit of the experienced tutors to offer you tips and tricks to pass the exam.

Regular mock tests prepare you better for your actual assessment test. Test samples made available to you will reflect questions similar to those you will encounter on the day of the exam. The mock test will further help you to provide insight on the actual examination.

One on one live coaching will help you attain the best guidance tailored towards you. The well-researched resources will guide you to learn the right vocabulary, sentence structure, composition, latest syllabus, and technique about the NAATI Exam.

For these reasons, Nepali NAATI CCL is the only class that you require to pass the exam. And I am not just saying this to promote the institute. With the record of 100% pass result, Nepali NAATI CCL is the best coaching portal for the NAATI CCL preparation course.

The NAATI certification is not an easy credential to attain. Only understanding the language won’t suffice the criteria to pass the exam. Before the assessment test, you need to have a certain level of knowledge and training.

For this purpose, there is the establishment of institutes dedicated to schooling you the answering techniques along with other tips and strategies. Such methods will help you understand how to correctly interpret the dialogues and boost confidence for you to ace the test.

Why Online Classes?

Before we continue to learn more about the packages provided by Nepali NAATI CCL, should we discuss here, ‘Why Online classes?’

NepaliNaatiCCL was specially developed, keeping in mind the time constraints for Nepali students who work hours of shifts to earn for their living. These students cannot afford their time and money in the traditional practice for preparing for the CCL test.

For that purpose, Nepali NAATI CCL has been inclined more towards e-learning.

Advantages of online classes

Apart from these advantages, there are other benefits to online classes as well. I have listed some of the advantages of online courses:

  • Online courses provided to you in Nepali NAATI CCL are self-paced. It means the classes are flexible in accordance to your busy schedule.
  • From the student’s point of view, because of online learning, students are not required to commute to their physical classrooms such as before. Instead, students can devise a learning environment at the convenience of their milieu.
  • Online classes need a computer and an internet connection, which omits the requirement of classroom infrastructures. So comparative to traditional classrooms, online classrooms are lower in cost to the students.
  • Online classes give the benefit of recording the classes. Much more, the study materials provided will be available to you for later access. You can have access to any section of the course before your exam date when you feel the need to revise them.
  • Plus, online classes allow the experienced tutors to monitor and evaluate you based on your track records and guide you to prepare for the test accordingly.

NAATI CCL classes for Nepali immigrants

We are all aware of the global crisis caused by the widespread pandemic. The COVID-19 has resulted in worldwide lockdown.

Considering the lockdown imposed upon us by this virus, students in Australia have no classes due to the universities shutting down. With businesses seeing no transactions, working immigrants are unemployed at the moment.

This virus has caused all immigrants in Australia to become incarcerated within their homes. With not much to do, this free time can be well utilized by these immigrants in Australia by enrolling themselves in the NAATI CCL online classes.

This will help in learning and preparing for your CCL test, as well as on the side note, keeps you occupied.

Along with practicing social distancing to tackle this virus, distance learning is the alternative to the traditional form of learning experience during the pandemic.

If you are still in a dilemma to spend a little money on such coaching classes or not, then scroll down to learn more about its features.

How do I start my CCL test?

  • Sign up

So now, if you think Nepali NAATI CCL is perfect for you, then you should consider signing up. Create an account on the Nepali NAATI CCL website to review your training sessions. You can as well compare packages along with its content once you are signed in.

Signing up is completely free and won’t cost you any money. View each course within the catalog to review the course schedule and choose what best suits you.

  • Choose a Package

As I mentioned earlier, the NepaliNaatiCCL is specifically intended towards the Nepali immigrants in Australia. The courses you get here are well structured, which you can practice at your own pace. NAATI experts create this package to help candidates prepare for the NAATI CCL test in a short time.

The most acknowledged package from our past students is the NAATI Self Preparation Package.

Most of our students have preferred this exclusive package for its easy learning accessibility. The course is the most value for money that comes at just AUD 199.00, including GST.

This package allows you six weeks of accessibility to 30 dialogues with audiobooks along with the answers in the pdf file so that you can practice independently.

Along with the dialogues, you will learn strategies and techniques to crack the exam. The pre-recorded classes will teach you about Note-taking, Paraphrasing, and Marking Criteria.

During these classes, you will come across the types of errors for which a candidate’s score is deducted and avoid making such errors.

  • Accuracy (correctness of information)
  • Distortions (misrepresentation of information)
  • Omissions (removal of information)
  • Insertions (addition of information)

The collection of 3000+ words Vocabulary will cover all grounds that you will encounter on the day of your actual exam.

The training catalog will cover dialogues from these domains: health, legal, community, immigration/settlement, education, social services, financial, housing, business, employment, insurance, or consumer affairs.

You need to interpret the dialects from the above mentioned domains.

These packages provided to you by Nepali NAATI CCL come from well-researched resources, accrued by professional experts over the years.

Besides the above mentioned package, Nepali NAATI CCL also has a free resources package. Take the benefit of this demo class to find more on what Nepali NAATI CCL has in store for its students.


Nepali NAATI CCL training classes are self-paced classes. During your training session, you will prepare yourself for the NAATI’s test based on the CCL assessment policies.

In this training, you will learn about the course’s introduction and the marking criteria for the CCL test.

You will get an idea for Note-taking with useful tips and tricks. Vocabularies and its proper use will be an essential section of the course to achieve high marks in the test.

Answering Techniques and strategies will help you prepare to interpret the dialects easily. This will include quick tips for best practice.

Other than these, during your training session, you will come across recent exam topics. You will analyze the common mistakes and learn how you will be avoiding those mistakes.

You will sit through regular mock tests to keep getting better with personalized guidance from our professional experts.

This coaching class will prepare you entirely on what to expect on the test day. Until and unless you are unwilling to show an effort to pass the CCL test, I recommend you not to bother wasting your money to appear in the exam.

Book a Test

If you are determined and well-practiced with all the study materials available to you, you are ready to book a test date. To appear in the online CCL test, you should pay AUD 800, including GST.

To apply for a NAATI test:

  • Go to the link and login to myNAATI portal,
  • sign up to create an account,
  • Choose the Credentialed Community Language Test,
  • Submit the application without payment,
  • Provide scanned passport copy & passport-sized photo,
  • Select the date & also for the payment.

On the day of the exam, you will have to carry the same ID proof at the time of your test; otherwise, you won’t be allowed to sit for the test.

The format of the exam will be an online test. Any candidate can give the exam from their own personal computer/laptop or any other mobile devices running in either Android or iOS.


NepaliNAATICCL is a pioneer online NAATI CCL coaching portal where we have a group of professionals who guide and prepare you to sit for Nepali NAATI CCL (Community Credentialed Language) test after passing which you get 5 bonus points, for your Australian PR.

NAATI CCL is an online testing portal for Community Credentialed language where one language is English and other LOTE (Language Other Than English), any language of your preference.

NepaliNAATICCL is currently providing coaching class for Nepali NAATI CCL Test. But if you want to get enrolled in other LOTEs courses then visit CCLHUB.

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Download Free NAATI CCL Test Sample

    Download Free NAATI CCL Test Sample

      Download Free NAATI CCL Test Sample