Why do a NAATI Program in Australia?

naati ccl for australian immigration

Are you wondering if NAATI CCL for Australian Immigration worth all the effort? What if I tell you it is more than relevant to take the NAATI Test and CCL test?

The NAATI CCL for Australia Immigration is an advantage for those applying for point-based PR in Australia. If you put effort into it, you can earn 5 easy points and certification.

The standard organization in Australia, the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI), is responsible for certifying translators and interpreters. NAATI sets to maintain and promote high professional standards for Translator and Interpreter.

NAATI is a non-governmental agency or an industrial association (union) or a member institution or a representative organization; first, it is a non-governmental body working in the world of certified translators and interpreters as a quality assurance scheme.

Passing the NAATI Test you can work as a translator or interpreter in Australia. As immigrants, you can work part-time/full time as a translator or interpreter and support your livelihood.

Or, as immigrants if you are in the mood of getting Australia PR then you can go for NAATI CCL Test. Upon passing this test you will be provided 5 PR points but you won’t be able to work as a translator or interpreter.

This is why we can say NAATI CCL for Australian Immigration worth every effort.

So you can take the NAATI exam for two main purposes:

  • To work as a translator/interpreter
  • To gain 5 PR points

The number of immigrants is increasing rapidly every year. It has been a centre of attraction for both workers and students. Every year the number of immigrants goes on increasing. People around the world come to Australia to work or to study.

In recent years, Australia has seen a rise in people from diverse cultures and different parts of the world. This has contributed to higher standards for foreign languages. As a result, the Australian market has created a pool of work opportunities.

NAATI currently provides accreditation for more than 60 languages. The NAATI Accreditation Scheme offers translator and interpreter services to employers and organisations with a high demand for services. In addition, NAATI accreditation is commonly accepted as a metric for enhancing one’s professional skills.

A person can also claim five bonus points under CCL points upon obtaining NAATI accreditation. Hence, the opportunity to give organizations high-quality services.

NAATI accreditation can be obtained if you:

  • Sit down for the NAATI evaluation test.
  • pass the course accepted by NAATI.
  • provide proof of the qualifications obtained overseas in translation and interpretation.
  • prove advanced status or international technical membership proof

You can obtain a NAATI accreditation through an approved course or program following these steps:

  • Get enrolled in a course or program from NAATI approved Australian University.
  • Give your best level of performance in the course assessment.
  • The institution will notify whether you are recommended by NAATI or not.
  • After this prepare the application and supporting documents.
  • You need to submit the application by post or by the person.
  • Pay the application fee.
  • The payment process takes normally 7 days to process.
  • You will receive the notification from NAATI when the NAATI is processed.
  • It usually takes 6 weeks to process the application.
  • You will be informed about the assessment decision by post.

How can you prepare to clear the NAATI Exam?

Just 10 per cent to 12 per cent of individuals pass the NAATI exam every year, as per the NAATI survey. The NAATI CCL is relatively simpler to pass than the NAATI test. On a community level, NAATI CCL is all about being able to translate.

There are several examples of reports in which the NAATI Exam is carried out more than once. It is because to prepare for the test they do not meet the proper guidelines.

You can take the NAATI training classes approved by NAATI from the Australian University; this is the best way to study for the NAATI Exam somehow. You are guided and educated by the NAATI Professionals during the preparation classes. NAATI experts will help you figure out your disadvantage, minimize it, and prepare well for the NAATI Test.

You may get enrolled in an institution or online coaching classes like CCLHUB for NAATI CCL. In preparing for the NAATI CCL Test, it will support you a lot. CCLHUB helps you with the NAATI Experts with the test samples, practice materials, and one on one coaching. For more, enter the free demo session.

As it is a test recently introduced, there are several questions that are still unanswered in the minds of test-takers. In order to prepare for the NAATI CCL Exam, test takers are always searching for tips and techniques. Although the test is relatively simpler, test takers can find it difficult to crack the NAATI CCL at times.

Today I have come up with the best test techniques to pass NAATI CCL at first attempt:

1. Know where you can lose your marks

Don’t worry and don’t get anxious as soon as you sit down for the exam. A deductive marking method would measure your results on the exam, which means your marks will be deducted for any error you make during the translation. Practice more to understand where you make common errors and, next time, stop them.

Things to avoid:

– Omission – Distortions – Self addition of words
– Grammatical errors – Lack of fluency – Nervousness

During the exam, your job is to interpret without loss of context, so don’t add something from your side or forget something from the dialogue played to interpret. If you change the sense of what the speaker says, you will lose points.

2. Listen Actively

Don’t just listen; understand it better! To understand the meaning and history of the conversation, active listening is important. From your hand, approach the conversation, i.e. put yourself on the interpreter’s shoe and consider it from a deeper and more rational viewpoint.

The conversation can range from anything and anywhere, such as a conversation between a lawyer and a client, a doctor’s clinic, a teacher meeting, etc. In those situations, you have to be the interpreter and what they can rely on is your interpretation.

3. Note-taking Skill

To improve your note-taking skills and try to catch the important points, you have to rely a lot on your note. This encourages you to plan accordingly. Use audio clips from TV, Youtube or radio to practice more. Note the keywords and essential audio information, such as names, numbers, locations, etc.

4. Increase memory skills

In order to perform well on the NAATI CCL Test, you will need to sharpen your memory capacity. Your memory plays a greater role, even though you have noticed it by hand. With specificity, you will be asked to convey the exact meaning and cover as many words as possible.

The more you practice it, the sharper it gets. Your brain is a muscle, too. So, with words and dialogues, perform some brain exercises daily. You’ll be one step closer to getting those 5 points with perseverance.

5. Consistently Speaking

We prefer, under pressure, to speak rapidly and unexpectedly. So, in these circumstances, we have to be conscious of ourselves. Often, it is not a good idea to take long pauses in between. Maintaining a steady pace will give the examiner a positive impression. And this needs effort and a lot of practice.

6. Improve your weak language

Identify the language in which you are weak and strong. In the language you are weak or not confident in, you need to invest more time. There are a number of online tools that will help you create skills in the weaker language.

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Download Free NAATI CCL Test Sample

    Download Free NAATI CCL Test Sample

      Download Free NAATI CCL Test Sample