The Updated NAATI CCL Testing Amid the Pandemic

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2020 has been an unprecedented year so far. With a lot going all around the world, it’s hard to maintain order with our livelihood. This pandemic has imposed most individuals on unemployment and being incarcerated in their homes. Once the pandemic is over, it’s going to be tough to get back to our hackneyed lifestyle.

With no development in vaccination to medicate the virus so far, as I see it, the virus is obstinate to leave any time soon. So the best perquisite of this lockdown will be to improve our competencies. Investing ourselves to develop our character. Utilising this time to learn a few skill sets. And how about certifying those competencies?

Coming back to the main topic, I have intended to accrue plenary information from reliable sources regarding the updated NAATI CCL exams into one article. The global circumstantial crisis has led an impact in the operation of this organisation as well.

With that being said, I hope those preparing for the CCL test during this circumstance will gain aid after reading this article regarding the scenario of the assessment test.

And those who wish to undertake this certification in the future will get insights of the updated operations concerning the CCL testing that shall follow after the pandemic.

An Overview of NAATI

For those wondering what NAATI is, let me elaborate in brief about the NAATI certifications. National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI) is the certifying authority to accredit translator and interpreter competencies in Australia.

NAATI is assigned with the task to set, sustain and promote high professional standards for the translating and interpreting industries. It is the certifying authority for granting accreditation to professionals working in Australia as Translators and Interpreters.

Immigrants in Australia can show interest in the NAATI’s Credentialed Community Language (CCL) certification if they seek to score 5 additional Permanent Residency (PR) points.

The NAATI’s CCL program invites Australian Immigrants for a language ability assessment at a community level. The NAATI CCL exam is a verbal based assessment test.

The certification system of CCL has been designed to assess the skill of an individual to interpret dialogue from English to Language other than English (LOTE) and vice-versa.

Based on the assessment test, you will receive certification upon passing the exam. The certification will become an evidence of your credential to accolade you 5 PR points. This credential will be valid for three years.

The CCL test is intended for those Australian immigrants living temporarily in Australia. If you are looking to apply for Australian Permanent Residency, then NAATI CCL certification can prove beneficial for you.

Australia Amid the Pandemic

Due to the current COVID-19 restrictions, the whole world is practicing lockdown. We are maintaining social distancing to prevent the virus from wide spreading any further.

As most people would be aware there has been significant disruptions to Australian society as well due to these global events. The event coinciding with the rife bushfires has had severe impact to the country from the frugal standpoint. Australia was on track for a recession with the first quarter of negative growth in nine years.

Speaking of the Covid-19, the virus began escalating in Australia from the mid of March. The virus has had devastating impact with over hundred citizen’s lives lost in Australia.

As of now the casualties have dropped significantly with no spurge in the pandemic wave. This has resulted in the lockdown now being eased across the country.

NAATI CCL and the Pandemic?

Even through the difficult times imposed by the pandemic, NAATI has assured to continue to adapt and deliver services across all states and territories. It is commendable to note how NAATI is determined to live by their vision to connect the community without language barriers during these circumstances as well.

With the health of the employees in consideration, as a preventive measure for the virus, all NAATI offices have been closed to the public since 29th of March, 2020. According to the company, the offices will remain closed until at least the end of June 2020.

Despite such restrictions, all their offices and your contacts within NAATI are still reachable by telephone and email. Muchmore, NAATI is keeping the stakeholders informed by providing regular updates on their website.

In such chaotic circumstances as well, NAATI have been focused on keeping interpreters safe and employed by supporting them to provide services remotely through phone or video conferencing, and creating audio and video resources with COVID related information in Indigenous languages.

However, this global challenge has necessitated a new operating environment for the business continuity. The crisis has imposed slight updates in the testing services of the organisation with the priority concerned towards the health and safety of the candidates and the staff members.

NAATI Exams and Certifications

As a means of meeting the core mission to increase the number of certified translators and interpreters in the community, NAATI is still conducting their certifying tests.

NAATI tests are not cancelled. With the concern for the health and safety of the candidates, however, in-person exams are abrogated for CCL exams. In fact, NAATI has made a decision that from now onwards all the future CCL tests will be conducted online.
Book the online test dates for 2020.

Since April, all of the CCL testings for candidates have been conducted online. As of now, only those previously scheduled candidates are arranged for the online test.

If you are one of the candidates who have booked for the tests before the month of March, then you will be contacted with instructions on how to book an online test.

For yet to apply CCL candidates, tests will now be booked for a specific month from September onwards with testing being arranged in consultation with the individual.

Online Exams

To appear in the online CCL test, you should pay AUD 800 including GST. These tests are delivered over the internet via Microsoft teams.

Any candidate appearing for the assessment test can give the exam from their own personal computer / laptop or any other mobile devices running in either Android or iOS.

To apply for a NAATI test you need to login to myNAATI portal, create an account and register your details. Upon verification, you will select your exam date. After payment is made, your test date will be confirmed to you through your mail id.

You are required to be online and logged in to the session at the time advised in the mail. If you are late you will not be tested.

These online CCL tests are conducted from a recording which is played to you by a testing officer. Your responses are then recorded for marking by other assessing officers.

The recording will include two dialogues. Each of the dialogues will be from different situations and settings from real life situations prevailing in the Australian Society.

The domains of these dialogues will cover from health, legal, community, immigration/settlement, education, social services, financial, housing, business, employment, insurance or consumer affairs.

The maximum test time is 20 minutes. The Test Invigilator will stop the candidate at this time after announcing “Maximum test time reached. End of test.”

CCL Candidates must be able to:

  • participate effectively in exchanges where relatively simple information is exchanged without any great deviation from the norms of pronunciation, standard of expression, style and register; and
  • give the sense of what is said by the speakers and demonstrate accurate comprehension and production in both English and the LOTE

Exam rescheduling and cancellation policy

From the perspective of the current global events, NAATI has updated its rescheduling and cancellation policies.

In its updated policy, NAATI has stated following new codes for rescheduling and cancelling the exams.

  • Candidates that have flu-like symptoms have until 8am on the day of the test to reschedule the test, with no charge provided that an evidence or a medical certificate is presented to the institute.
  • In the circumstance that a candidate requires cancellation of the online exams, no refund of the test fee will be received upon cancelling on the date of the exam. In other cases, for cancellation of the online test, at least a day before the test will receive a refund of 75% of the test fee upon completion of the refund form.

Exam Preparation

If you are an Australian Immigrant who hopes to gain a permanent residency in the near future then you have to accrue PR points. And what better time to prepare than this?

As mentioned earlier, all the new bookings for the exam dates are scheduled not prior to the month September. So the duration until the date of your exam is at the very least 3 months. This period of time is quintessential for you to begin your training for the assessment.

At this crucial moment, if you are engaged in unproductive activities, then you will bear its consequences at the expense of your own time. Time waits for no one, so you must be very wise with how you want to use it.

Right now, you have got an abundant amount of time due to this imposed lockdown upon us. Ask yourself, are you resolving this time into productivity?

So you need to be determined to grab this credential with your hard work and dedication. Rather than being confined within the room of your apartment and wasting it, utilise this time to work for your dream.

For this purpose, you require focused preparations and study materials. You need to put your effort into learning the strategies and techniques to crack the assessment test.

Note that, the certification wont come easy without any preparation. Even if you are well spoken in both the LOTE and the English languages, you require some form of training prior to submitting an application.

The pathway by which you wish to prepare yourself is up to you. Enrolling in an online coaching class seems to be appropriate at such times where you can get proper guidance and support constantly at any moment you face difficulty regarding the exam.

Be enrolled in one of those online coaching classes. You will have classroom-like experience through these online training classes at the disposal of your own surroundings. There are various institutes working around the clock even in these circumstantial conditions providing you with the proper learning environment.

Such institutes provide you one-on-one interactive courses that will help you attain proper guidance tailored towards you. Apart from the resourceful study materials provided to you through these classes, you also have the benefit of the experienced tutors to provide you with tips and tricks to pass the exam. These courses will cost you a few bucks. But considering the permanent residency in Australia and the benefits that come along, I would say it’s a small investment in the bigger picture.

Source: NAATI

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NAATI CCL is an online testing portal for Community Credentialed language where one language is English and other LOTE (Language Other Than English), any language of your preference.

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    Download Free NAATI CCL Test Sample

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